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Website Design Tips That Will Build You Your Site Fast

WordPress is Content Management System (C.M.S.) and if I translate that in words so that everyone understand’s it would be a system that gives you the possibility to create websites really fast.

TIP: Use WordPress cause: 1. It is FREE. 2. Easy to use and maintain 3. Has really big online support

build_using_wordpressI have been building websites with plain HTML and CSS, Joomla and other platforms and system that are available just to come to an conclusion that WordPress is and will always be my number one choice. That is why I recommend you use it for your websites to.

WordPress operates from the internet, you can access it through any browser. Because of this, it works on any device that has internet access. Everything you need for building a great looking website with WordPress is located on the left side of the admin panel and it is labeled  for easy understanding.

NOTE: You don’t need to know a single HTML code or CSS lines to build a website with WordPress.

Guy who invented, or do we say created, WordPress is Matt Mullenweg. He was only 19 years old when he created it. Release date for WordPress was May 27, 2003. Since then WordPress rapidly became viral and people loved it and still do.

Over 20% of all the pages in the world are made by this platform and there has been over 32 Million Downloads (32+) of this system. It is an open source, meaning it’s FREE, but it also means that you can change the code as it fits you. You can even make your own plugins and make money with them.

To read more fascinating things about WordPres do a Google research and read this great article about WordPress at Wikipedia.

Inside of WordPress

WordPress is very easy to get adjusted to. I have seen people who have never used it and got hang of it in couple of hours. Working with WordPress is as using Microsoft Office Word. Well, not that simple, but then again some people find it difficult to manage with Word to.

We have made a quick walk through video  tutorial for you to adjust to WordPress. If you like this video do share it and above all visit our premium-entrepreneur.com YouTube Channel and subscribe for more valuable content.

Now that you know what a WordPress is and how to use it, the next step is to put it all together and build your website.

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