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Hi, I’m Darko Novak, a Blogger, Social Media Marketer and Online Entrepreneur.

This site was put together to help everyone who lands on it to build a WordPress based blog or website. If you have a great idea for blog, or you own a small business that you would like to promote online by building a small information site for it, without paying someone hundreds of dollars for it, then this is the right site for you to be on.

free_website_makerpremium-entrepreneur FREE WEBSITE MAKER will walk you through each and every step needed so you can build your site the proper way.

The best part of this guide will be it’s option FREE Vs. PAID. To build a website you don’t need to spend a dime! This entire website that you are on right now is build entirely for FREE. The only ting invested was my TIME.

I’m around in website building, system administrating and online marketing for quite some time now. My life and work revolves around IT and I’m, so to speak, breathing it. I have build 100’s of websites and have helped more then enough people to build their own websites and thus fore I feel qualified to write this article whose only purpose, in the end, will be to help you use exact same steps that I use to build you your free website.

Some more experienced users will find this guide extremely simple, but this is not written for them, all dough it’s good from time to time to revise, and I’ll try to make this free website maker a perfect place for all you beginners out there.

I will do my best and walk you through the three (3) Main Steps, registering a domain name, buying hosting and finally putting it all together to build your new website. And that’s not all!

This guide will show you how all this can be done in FREE vs. PAID way.

Just to be honest and straight right away. The FREE way is good to start with. You will collect some knowledge and experience along the way, but in the end you will see that there a far more advantages if you go with the PAID way.

TIP: Sometimes things are even better when they are FREE, but it is very important to know when to go with the PAID way.

I gave my best in setting this guide up in a way that is easy to follow, but if you ever  have a question, just email me at and I’ll be happy to help.

Build Your Website In 3 Simple Steps

To get your website online all you need to do is follow the 3 Steps below in the order I have laid it out for you.

1. Buy a domain name or simply get one FREE (I’ll show you where and how to get one free)
2. Buy hosting or get one FREE (I’ll show you which hosting company I use and, of course, the best free option)
3. Then wi’ll go and create the website using WordPress

First let me me explain how this guide breaks down and what you’ll learn by reading through it.

Get domain & Hosting – In this section of FREE WEBSITE MAKER I’ll explain what a domain name and web hosting is and why is it better to go with PAID way here.

I’ll will show you how to choose the right domain name for your new website and share the hosting company that I have found to be the best possible choice for all my websites for the past 2 years ( I have tried more then enough hosting companies to be fit to tell you that the one I’m using right now is the best possible solution out there), and why they are a great fit for beginners.

I’ll present you with FREE options and I’ll do my best in explaining why is it not advisable to choose free shared hosting for your business. Never the less, the decision will be yours to make.

Using WordPress – This section of FREE WEBSITE MAKER will show you what WordPress platform is and why it is the best tool for your new website. I’ll also show you how simple it is to install and use WordPress. For this step I’ll use the best FREE HOSTING SERVICE.

Make Your Site See The Light Of THe Day – This section of FREE WEBSITE MAKER shares the exact steps to take to make your site done and online. I will walk you through the Hosting Setup and Installing WordPress on it ( with a video tutorial) , WordPress dashboard , so you know how to use it correctly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me – Now Let’s Get You Started!

Let’s make a site – Get Domain Name & Hosting